How to uninstall the application in your laptop or computer

Posted on 26/Mar/2020
Uninstall Application I will tell you how to uninstall your laptop or computer application, I will tell you 2 ways. Step : 1 If you press windows + R in your computer or laptop, then the run command will open, you have to type in the Control Panel, then press the OK button or Enter. The control panel will open in front of you, then you will select the option containing Program and Feature in it. So all the applications installed in your system will come in front of you, now you have to do Right Click or Double Click on whatever you have to remove or uninstall. And you have to click on Next and in the last you have to click on the Finish button in front of you. Then your application will be uninstalled. Step : 2 You will open this Pc or Computer in your computer or laptop where all your drives are visible. You will see it above. If you click on File, Computer and View, then you will see that on the right side, you will see "uninstall or Change Program" at the top right, then you will see all the applications which are installed in your system. So you have to finish it by double clicking after doing the next.
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