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Union Finance minister of India has presented the budget 2020 and every media house in india has been criticizing the present NDA government for weakening of economy. While economy is still projected to slow by some institutions and everyone is saying that the government has to take step to revive and amid all the concern the current budget is not widely appreciated by anyone.

Coming to defense allocation the total amount is increased by 5.8% if we compare to last year allocation. But the last year’s allocation to military was lowest since 1962 and in war-like situations which currently india faces with Pakistan it is not a good sign for the strength of the services.

In last 2-3 years we have seen URI and BALAKOT like situations and we must have to accept that in present scenario we have to look after the modernization of the services. The kind of threat that india faces its defense services needs to have from state of the art equipment to modern type of arms and ammunition. But decades of neglecting the organization have put them at risk.

Since BJP assumed power it has used in almost every sense the incident of URI and BALAKOT to gain its political mileage and there is no doubt that it has benefited the most from these incidents. But yet the government seems ignoring the demand from Tri-services when it comes to allocation of fund.

Out of the total allocation almost 40% goes to salaries and pension of the men and and since the Army Navy and Air Force all are in way to procure modern weapons to modernize themselves there is little room to expense.

Although the government has created the post of CDS(Chief of defense staff) and hopes that the CDS will bring some easiness in coordination of services we are yet to see the actions which will help in managing one of the world’s largest as well as strongest military with this kind of financial attitude from government.


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