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I know i am posting the review of this bollywood movie after a long time that is because i had not seen it earlier and off-course the website itself was not present when the movie was released. I was scrolling through my twitter feed and i saw on YRF feed that the movie got nominated in “Best film’s Category” What the Fu**. So I decided to watch the movie and write a review of already flop movie bollywood gave in late 2019.

So a RAW agent Kabir (Cool name haan!) has gone rouge and there is only one person (it is always one) who is also a RAW agent and a junior and Ex-team member of Kabir’s special unit can catch him before he kills any other person.

Leave the story because it is easily understandable (bollywood is dying for these same kind of stories) the VFX is detectable dialog is predictable and the moves of Tiger sheroff is also predictable.The movie is as bad as its songs are and the action somehow is good but seems totally fake.

Overall the movie is total waste of time and please do not watch if you follow my recommendation.

My Star rating 1.5/5 *


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